Back Office Support Team

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Back-office Support Team

Starting at $995 per month

Implementation Fee (one-time): $2500


Account Reconciliation

  • Reconcile bank accounts
  • Reconcile credit cards
  • Reconcile electronic transactions into Xero
  • Prepare year end Annual Financial Statements

Financial Reporting

  • Mid year & Year end signed financial statements by a CPA


  • Access to the ADP Run Platform & training
  • Biweekly/weekly/semimonthly/monthly Payroll processing options
  • Same time tax deposits (IRS, State Taxes FUTA)
  • Employee pay direct deposit (Employee Access)
  • Quarterly Tax Filings
    • IRS Tax Filings
    • State Tax Filings
    • Year End Tax Filings - IRS Form 940 FUTA Tax - W2/W3 filing with Social Security Administration


  • Monthly State Excise/B&O/Sales Tax filings
  • Annual Personal Property Tax filing
  • Annual Corporate Income Tax Return filing
  • $250 credit towards Personal Tax Return filing for business owner


  • Weekly Newsletter